07/17 Saint Lucia


Back in Time Jouvert Band is a premier Jouvert band based in Saint Lucia, dedicated to providing an unforgettable Jouvert experience for a more mature crowd. With a focus on improved security and enjoyment, this band has established itself as a leader in providing a safe and enjoyable carnival experience. The band’s commitment to delivering a unique and exciting experience, combined with their attention to detail and customer service, has earned them a loyal following and an excellent reputation among carnival-goers. Whether you’re a seasoned carnival veteran or a first-time reveler, Back in Time Jouvert Band promises an unforgettable journey back in time to the roots of Jouvert celebration.


The Ultimate Jouvert Experience

The ultimate Jouvert experience for a mature audience with safety and security in mind is a celebration that combines the traditional elements of Jouvert with modern amenities and attention to detail. A great place to have this experience would be in a large open space, with ample security personnel and a well-organized layout. Participants would be provided with brightly colored Jouvert paint, and music would be provided by top DJs or live bands. Refreshments and snacks would be available throughout the celebration, and designated areas for rest and recuperation would be set up. Additionally, the use of eco-friendly paint and other environmentally conscious practices would be prioritized. With all of these elements in place, the ultimate Jouvert experience for a mature audience with safety and security in mind would be a fun-filled celebration that participants will remember for a lifetime.


Catering to a mature audience for carnival is about providing an experience that is tailored to the needs and preferences of older revelers. Mature participants may prefer a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with amenities such as seating areas, refreshments, and restrooms.


Catering to security and safety for Jouvert is of utmost importance to ensure a fun and enjoyable celebration without any incidents. It is crucial to have a well-organized crowd control plan in place with ample security personnel to prevent any unruly behavior or accidents.


Catering to fun for Jouvert is all about providing an unforgettable celebration that participants can fully enjoy and remember for a lifetime. The music is a crucial component of the festivities, and organizers should ensure that they have top DJs or live bands that can create an electrifying atmosphere.


An all-inclusive experience for Jouvert is about providing participants with everything they need to fully enjoy the celebration without worrying about additional costs.


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Memorable MOMENTS

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About US

Back in Time Inc Jouvert Band is the brainchild of a group of friends who shared a passion for carnival but felt that there was a need for a Jouvert band that catered specifically to a more mature audience. They wanted to create a safe and enjoyable Jouvert experience, with a focus on providing a higher level of service and attention to detail. With this vision in mind, they formed Back in Time Inc Jouvert Band and have since established themselves as a leader in the carnival industry. The band is dedicated to providing an unforgettable Jouvert experience, with a strong emphasis on safety and security, and a commitment to delivering a fun and unique celebration that participants will remember for a lifetime. With their attention to detail, customer service, and passion for carnival, Back in Time Inc Jouvert Band has become a go-to choice for carnival-goers looking for a memorable and enjoyable Jouvert experience.

Jouvert, also known as J’ouvert, is a traditional carnival celebration that takes place in many Caribbean countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, and Grenada. The name “Jouvert” is derived from the French word “jour ouvert,” which means “day open.” The celebration typically takes place in the early morning hours before sunrise and continues until daybreak. During Jouvert, participants dress up in colorful costumes and cover themselves in paint, mud, or powder. They dance to the rhythm of calypso, soca, and other traditional Caribbean music, and some even carry instruments such as steel drums or tambourines. Jouvert is a celebration of freedom, creativity, and the vibrancy of Caribbean culture, and it has become an integral part of carnival celebrations in the region.